Honeycomb Blinds

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Versatile, and easy to use with the added benefit of offering optimal levels of privacy and insulation, cellular blinds are a great option for your family home. Also known as pleated or honeycomb blinds, these unique window coverings are made by creating an insulating layer of small pockets or "cells" that stop air from entering or escaping through your windows. These cells look very much like a piece of honeycomb, hence where their name comes from.

EBlinds Australia has a diverse range of product and makes it easy to purchase your honeycomb blinds online with minimal fuss. Available in a wide range of colours, our honeycomb blinds offer a soft look that is perfect for any room in your home. They are well suited to everything from small windows to large sliding glass doors. EBlinds Australia offers honeycomb blinds online that are safe for homes with small children or pets. Whatever your requirements, we have product to suit. Simply browse through our extensive range, select your preferred choice, follow our simple checkout process and within a few days you’ll receive your new set of honeycomb blinds. Melbourne is where we call home, and our warehouse is located about 40 minutes south of the city. We ship our products all over Melbourne, Victoria and nationally around Australia.

If you have any queries about our shipping timeframes, please contact us, we’d be happy to provide you some estimations on deliverable dates no matter where in Australia you are located.

How Do They Work?

The unique shape of honeycomb blinds effectively traps the air within the blind itself, offering a natural level of insulation against the heat and cold. Our range of blinds are single-celled meaning they offer up a basic level of insulation that is perfectly fine for the weather experienced in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the rest of Australia. A double-celled honeycomb blind is exactly the same, with an added layer that is built in to the product during the manufacturing process. Aesthetically, this has no effect on the final product, but its double layer offers more insulation against the harsher weather conditions found in very cold climates

A Smart Solution for any Home

Utilising all the insulation benefits of honeycomb blinds is easy, and an effective way to help manage your energy bills. Whilst installing honeycomb blinds throughout your home or office will not completely eliminate the need to use a third-party heating and cooling system, they can help maintain a consistent ambient temperature within the environment. This makes the overall environment a little more comfortable and eliminates the need to have heating or cooling systems running all day. This is where the cost savings can come into play. Ensuring that your product is customised properly to fit your window measurements is critical as this will diminish the chance of air moving through open spaces at the sides or below where your cellular blinds are fitted. Available in single cell layers, they are an excellent solution to help lower your home's heating and cooling costs. eBlinds Australia recommends these sorts of blinds for environments that experience extreme temperatures.

You can also determine the light control by selecting from our range of options in opacity. From transluscent fabric to gently filter harsh rays through to light blocking and room darkening fabrics that will give you total privacy, there is an option to suit any requirement.

Blockout Honeycomb Blinds

Our blockout honeycomb blind range is the perfect choice for bedrooms, home theatres or any room that requires total darkness. These blockout blinds prevent light coming through the cloth so you can create a cosy escape, prevent glares on your TV or computer screens or just ensure a solid night's sleep. This particular range is manufactured as a single cell 25mm honeycomb shape and is available in a wide range of natural finishes and colours to suit your internal motif. Ordering your honeycomb blinds online also allows us to reduce our physical retail expenses, savings that we can pass onto you, the consumer.

Light Filtering Honeycomb Blinds

Our light filtering option allows you to protect your privacy while still enjoying the benefits of light penetration through your window treatment. The degree of light penetration is determined by the colour of the cloth, giving you flexibility to control how much light is filtered through the window. You can protect your privacy from the outside world, whilst still allowing light to gently filter into your home or office. Like our blockout range, the light filtering honeycomb products are 25mm single cell and come in a variety of colours to suit your environment.