Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds

The simplicity and clean lines of roller blinds are perfect for homes or offices with a sophisticated interior design style. Our range of roller blinds are available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics as well as varied options in light control, and accessories so it’s easy to customise your window coverings to suit your practical requirements while complimenting your decor. With options including motorised operation, our roller blinds are easy to operate and extremely affordable for any project in your home or office.

We offer an unmatched selection of high quality, custom made roller blinds online for your browsing comfort. We service our local area – the south eastern part of Melbourne, and the general city of Melbourne, the state of Victoria and our national-based customers. Our roller blinds are the perfect option adding style and texture to any room while delivering effective sun protection and privacy. whether you opt for our sunscreen blinds, light filtering blinds, blockout range or our dual roller blinds, our online product range provides easy and convenient ordering of industry leading products that are both beautiful and highly functional.

Roller blinds should be easy to operate and affordable. They should complement the space they are installed in and add a degree of functionality to their purpose. Namely, they should help to keep a room cool in summer or help to keep the heat in during winter. Sunscreen blinds are design to minimise glare and reflections which can wreak havoc with a relaxing Saturday afternoon in front of the Television. Sunscreen blinds can also help to keep a room cool during the hot summer months in Melbourne and around Australia whilst not diminishing your view of the outside world.

Our range of roller blinds in the sunscreen, blockout or light filtering ranges are versatile enough for low-key rooms such as a rumpus room or “man-cave” as well as offering up a more sophisticated aesthetic to a living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen. Specifically, our blockout roller blinds are a wonderful option for a home theatre, or any space that requires darkness, and we are committed to providing the best blockout blinds Melbourne has to offer its residents.

Our range of light filtering roller blinds offers you maximum privacy whilst allowing some natural light to still enter your home. The amount of light that streams in is directly related to the colour of the product itself. Any of these roller blinds types can also be combined to form our ‘double roller’ feature. This allows you to maximise the benefits of any two blinds to suit your specific purpose. Blockout can combine with light filtering, or light filtering with sunscreen or blockout with sunscreen roller blinds. Melbourne is a city with unpredictable weather patterns – indeed much of Australia is like that. Our double roller blinds caters for this.

Why eBlinds Roller Blinds?

Our comprehensive range of roller blinds are affordable, easy to install and are delivered quickly to your door. Simply browse through our catalogue, select your preferred style, colour, select your size and accessories and once we receive your order, we’ll ship it to you within the next 1-2 business days. Our products are manufactured locally and packaged locally, so there’s no long wait for an order to arrive from any international suppliers, we’ll organise shipping directly to you from our Melbourne location.

Our range of roller blinds and double roller blinds are also extremely easy to install and your packaged product will be delivered with clear instructions explaining step-by-step how to quickly install your new roller blinds with minimal fuss. Should you get stuck, you can contact us directly through the contact details on this website. We will only be too glad to assist you.

How To Choose Your Perfect Roller Blind

Aside from the colour, texture and accessories, there are other considerations you should take into account when purchasing a new set of roller blinds for your home and office. Many people do not give much thought to the level of light they wish to allow – or blockout – from their space. Rather this is an afterthought, that can often only enter into one’s mind once they’ve installed their new blind. However that this point, the purchase and installation is complete and there is little room for change if the light-filtering aspect is undesirable. We recommend that you take into consideration the opacity of the fabric, this will allow you to plan and predict the level of light allowed into a space. Customising your blind solution is not just about size, colour and texture, it is also about how that solution interacts with your space.