Venetian Blinds

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Venetian blinds represent classic style, functionality and incredible value, making them a great choice for any home or office. Light, durable and easy to use, venetian blinds can be opened and closed to any angular position, as well as raised completely, giving you total control over the amount of light that enters a room and your privacy.

This is also very useful for helping to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home. eBlinds Australia makes purchasing your venetian blinds online extremely easy. Simply select your preferred material, enter in your dimensions (making sure they fall within our manufacturing constraints) select your accessories and you’re done.

Whilst we are located just south of the city of Melbourne, we service clients all over Australia. If you have a question about shipping to a specific location and need some clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to their timeless appeal, venetian blinds are suited to almost any interior style. They offer effective privacy and light control in a sleek design that is easy to install and simple to operate. eBlinds Australia stocks a wide range of colours and finishes for easy online ordering of the venetian blinds you choose direct to your home.

eBlinds Australia can also assist customers in custom ordering blinds online for unique colour or slat options as well as to suit over-sized windows and doors. Whether you prefer the simple and versatile style of our range of venetians or want to learn more about any of our other products and their features, our friendly experience team can help.

Our venetian range comes in three distinct material types; aluminium, vision wood and timber. Each of these ranges suits a particular motif and can be used as a functional aesthetic addition to most interior spaces.

Timber Venetians

Our range of timber venetian blinds is extensive and come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Selecting your blind depends on the room you are furnishing. A natural-finish timber venetian blind adds a natural look to the space, whilst a coloured solution can be used to match carpets, wallpaper or a specific interior design feel. Since Timber does not absorb a great deal of heat, they can help to keep a room’s ambient temperature consistent when closed. Thus helping to save that little bit extra on your energy bills can be helped along by installing Venetian Blinds. Melbourne is known for its hot summers and cold winters. Keeping the heat in, or out, is definitely something worth doing.

Vision Wood Venetians

Vision Wood, or “faux” wood venetians are a great substitute for timber if timber is not your preferred material (and you don’t want aluminium) Our range of Vision Wood comes in the 50mm size (like the timber range) and is available in several different colours. Similar to a natural wood, Vision Wood can help to keep the temperature of the room consistent simply by adjusting the amount of sunlight – and therefore heat – that can enter a room

Aluminium Venetians

We have two sizes variations for our range of aluminium venetian blinds. These are the 25 and 50mm. Like our range of natural venetians, our aluminium range comes in a variety of styles and colours from plan colours to a brushed metallic look and everything in between. This type of blind is great for outdoor use as it stands up to the harsh Australian weather conditions better than many other materials. Opting for a colour or style that matches or compliments the space you’re decorating can add just that little bit “extra” to your patio or outdoor entertaining area. These sorts of blinds can also be used indoors.